Wearing a newborn

Woven wraps and ring slings are a great option for carrying a newborn. The lack of horizontal and vertical stretch means that only one layer of fabric is required to go over your child to support it, while the diagonal stretch means that it moulds around you and your child keeping them well supported.
Single layered carries such as a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) or Kangaroo Carry are great ways to carry a newborn in a wrap. It is recommended to only use carries that have one pass (layer) over your child’s back until they can sit unassisted. This is because having more the one pass can risk putting uneven pressure on their developing spines. Ring Slings are therefore also a great option because of the single pass over your child.
Safe Babywearing Means:
Face in view at all times
High and upright
Chin up
Supported back and snug
Close enough to kissAlways ensure your child is secured tightly to your body with your wrap or ring sling. Keeping your child tight will make the carry more comfortable for you and also ensure your child can not slip out of the carrier. Your child should remain high, upright and in view at all times with a well supported back. Check frequently that your child’s airway is free and that their chin hasn’t slumped to their chest.Thanks to the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance for the use of ‘Visible and Kissable’ safety information and Jess from Little Greenie for the photo.

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