Caring for your wrap

Have you noticed the textile label on the tail of your wrap or ring sling or inside of your waist band of your evolve? There is a lot of useful information found on this tag from contact information to care instructions and manufacturing information.

Thankfully, all of our carriers are easy care – which means they can be washed in your washing machine and hung on the clothes line to dry or thrown in the dryer on a low heat unless we tell you otherwise.

These images are from the template we are using to show how to care for your wrap or carrier.
The first image on your care label is how to wash your you carrier. This includes temperature.
The next image on the care label is the drying instruction. This will tell you if it is compatible with a clothes dryer or if it must be line dried.
The third image indicates its ability to be bleached. This will always be NO. Do not bleach your wrap or carrier as it will affect the integrity of the carrier rending it possibly unsafe to use.
The fourth image on the care label attends to ironing of your carrier. Wraps love a good iron. And I’ll admit, sometimes I actually enjoy it!
Last image is dry cleaning. Your wrap or carrier should not be dry cleaned. Due to the unknown of the chemicals used, we do not recommend dry cleaning as it could also alter the integrity of your carrier or leave residue in the carrier that could potentially make it less grippy.
If you have any doubts over how to wash your carrier, send us an email or PM our Facebook page
Images sourced from Zeno Online Sportswear Shop

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