When can I carry my child on my back?

There has been a blanket rule in the baby wearing world that you can safely carry your child on your back in a woven wrap from when they can independently sit.

This recommendation was put in place as back carrying is a more advance carry, and babies have stronger muscle tone when they are sitting (which prevents them from slumping over and blocking their airways), and the carer has likely been wrapping for long enough by this stage that their skills are good enough to safely do so.

The reality is… There actually is no set time frame on when you can carry your child on your back in a woven wrap. Instead, it is usually dependent upon the reasons why the parent or caregiver is wanting to carry their child. Back carrying in a structured carrier, like the Evolve however, should not be attempted until the child can independently sit. This is because a structured carrier is unable to be as finely adjusted as a woven wrap. Remember that the safety of your child is your number one priority. Be aware of any breathing or falls risks. Practice with a teddy or doll plus practice with a ‘spotter’ or helper before trying on your own. Babywearing meets are also a great location to get assistance with new carries (especially from people with previous knowledge).


Safe Babywearing Means:

  1. Face in view at all times (this means having their face above the wrap/carrier)
  2. High and upright (ideally, high enough that the back of your head can touch their head when bending your neck backwards)
  3. Chin up
  4. Supported back and snug
  5. Close enough to kiss

Your child’s safety is your responsibility.

Chardan Slings cannot be held responsible or liable for any accidents that may occur as a result of any misuse of your wrap or sling. Your use of any information or material from us is entirely at your own risk. You are responsible to ensure that any materials, products, services or information made available through us meet your specific requirement. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Tips for carrying

  1. Always ensure your child is secured tightly to your body with your wrap or ring sling. Keeping your child tight will make the carry more comfortable for you, but also ensure your child can not slip out of the carrier. Your child should remain high, upright and in view at all times with a well supported back. Check frequently that your child’s airway is free and that their chin hasn’t slumped to their chest. Use mirrors or windows to assist with checking on your child.
  2. Be sure to check your wrap or ring sling for ripped seams, torn fabric, and damaged hardware before each use. If found, stop using carrier and contact us for further advice.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings and what your child may be able to reach.

Thanks to the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance for the use of ‘Visible and Kissable’ safety information.

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