Woven Wraps

A woven wrap is a long piece of fabric woven with a diagonal stretch that you can tie to secure your baby to you. The diagonal stretch provides optimal support for your child when tightened in the recommended way. Our woven wraps are woven in QLD, Australia on a Jacquard loom. The warp of our wraps are always made of locally sourced cotton in either (usually) Ecru (off white) or Black. The warp runs the entire length of our bolts of fabric, which when cut, runs the length of our wraps/ring slings.

The weft is then woven through the warp in intricate patterns. The warp can be made up of any large array of colours and fibres (eg tencel, wool, Egyptian cotton). Celestial Sky, Flyaway, Entwined Forest, Entwined Orchid and Lagoon Rose are all 100% cotton. This means that both the warp and weft are made of cotton. Galaxy is made of 23% Tencel and 77% Cotton. This is derived of 100% cotton black warp and a 46% Tencel and 54% Cotton weft in two different coloured greys. The same percentages apply for Wild Rose which is made of 23% Wool and 77% Cotton.

They are incredibly strong and designed to hold the weight of your child without any sagging. They are much cooler than a stretchy wrap due to only one layer of fabric being needed to provide the child with optimal support. 

Woven wraps are great for long term use. You can purchase one wrap and use it from birth until you are no longer carrying your child. Many people purchase more than one size woven wrap to cater for wider uses, but this is certainly not necessary. They can be used for children between 3.5 and 20kg (8 and 45 pounds). When purchases any carrier, it is worth going onto local babywearing groups or Chardan Slingers and reading reviews about the carrier to see if it will suit your needs. This is also applicable with woven wraps. Even though we have five 100% cotton wraps, no two wrap the same, and therefore each wrap caters better to different people. For example, Flyaway and Lagoon Rose, while they both feel different, each is great to use to carry an older or heavier child. Celestial Sky has a much looser / airy weave and feels much softer to wrap with, making it a much better wrap of choice for people carrying their newborns.

The size you require depends on the size of the wearers and how the child will be carried. Most people choose to start with a long wrap which will enable them to try a large variety of carriers. For a person wearing a size 12-14, a size 6 (4.6m) is recommended to start with. If you wear a size 10 shirt or smaller, a size 5 (4.2m) should suffice and if you are over a size 16, a size 7 (5.2m) may be recommended. A long wrap will enable you to do a number of front, hip and back carries with a multitude of finishes. Woven wraps are usually referred to by their size number rather than their length in metres.

Below is the size number and the correlating length.

    • Size 3 – 3.2 metres
    • Size 4 – 3.6 metres
    • Size 5 – 4.2 metres
    • Size 6 – 4.6 metres
    • Size 7 – 5.2 metres
    • Size 8 – 5.6 metres
    • Size 9 – 6.2 metres
    • Size 10 – 6.6 metres

A person’s ‘base’ size (base size = what size wrap you can do a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with) will change depending on the age/size of the child being carried or the size of the person doing the carrying. If someone’s base size goes from being a size 5 or 6 to a 7 because of the growth of the child, they may alter the way that they use their wraps. They may do less front carries, and instead do more back carries as they generally require smaller wraps or trade/sell their wrap for a longer size that would suit them more.

Woven wraps are one of the most versatile types of carriers on the market. They can be used from birth to preschool age, in front, hip or back carries with an endless amount of ways to tie and fully adjustable. This also means that they are one of the most comfortable type of carriers on the market, which is especially important if carrying for long periods of time.

For babies with a low birthweight and children with a medical condition, we strongly recommend seeking advice from a health professional before using our products.

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