Travelling Program

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We recognise that some people may want to try a carrier before buying. As a result, we have decided to run a travelling carrier program. This enables you to borrow a wrap, ring sling or evolve for a time to try before you buy.

Terms of Testing

Before participating in this program, please be sure to read the page in full and make sure you understand any and all conditions. By agreeing to participate, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the terms including the payments involved.

  1. By participating in the program, you agree to provide us with your name, delivery address, phone number, email and PayPal address for security and postage. In the event that multiple people are on the travelling carrier list, your name and delivery address will need to be shared with the previous participant so they can arrange postage directly to you.
  2. A $50 security deposit is payable in full prior to hosting a wrap or ring sling and a $100 security deposit is payable in full prior to hosting an evolve. These deposits must be paid via PayPal and will be returned in full on either the safe return of the borrowed carriers to us or confirmation from the next recipient of safe delivery.
  3. Tester has two weeks to test wrap, ring sling and/or evolve before posting them onto the next person.
  4. Tester is fully responsible for the carrier for the entire time they are hosting beginning with receiving the carrier and ending when the next tester receives the carrier.
  5. You must check the carrier when you receive it and before sending in to the next recipient. If there are any problems, please report them by sending a message to Chardan Slings. You have 12 hours from receiving the carrier to notify of any issues. 

Payment Method

Payment for all travelling wraps, ring slings and evolve’s must be made by PayPal. This payment is 100% refundable on either the safe return of the borrowed carriers to us or confirmation from the next recipient of safe delivery.

While we take reasonable care to keep your details secure, in the absense of negligence on our part, we will not be held liable for any loss you may suffer as a result of unauthorised access gained by a third party to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from this website.


Postage must be done with Australia Post via Registered Express Post with Insurance (the value of the carriers being posted) and Signature on Delivery (SOD). Should a claim need to be lodged with Australia Post for a lost or damaged item, the sender is responsible for keeping the postage receipt and lodging the claim. Any money claimed for lost or damaged carriers from Australia Post must then be sent to Chardan Slings to cover the cost of the damaged or lost items.

We recommend photographing the carriers prior to postage as guarantee of their integrity and condition. This will also help you in the event of damage being done by other people to the carrier.


If you wish to cancel your travelling carrier prior to delivery, please contact us via email or Facebook. Unfortunately, these requests may not be attended to immediately which may result in your order being dispatched. You would then be responsible for forwarding the carriers onto the next recipient or back to us (depending on what was previous agreed upon).

Damaged or Faulty Items

In the event your travelling carrier becomes damaged or faulty while you are responsible for them, please contact us immediately. You are responsible for the carriers at all times during your stay. You must not loan them out to other people during the time. Should any carrier become damaged or lost while you are trialing it, and they are unable to be safely repaired, you are responsible for full payment of retail value to Chardan Slings within 3 business days by any of the currently accepted payments on our website. Failure to do so will result in further legal action to cover the cost of lost or damaged carrier plus the legal fees involved.